Generating Sets



     Description and application  
Jesco Cummins powered generating sets couple the rugged and well proven reliability of the world-renowned Cummins water-cooled diesel engines to high performance alternators. They are recommended for all types of residential, commercial and industrial applications, either as prime power sources or intermittent stand-by. They provide dependable, efficient power supply options across a wide range.
    Equipment specification  
Standard - All Cummins sets feature an engine/alternator monoblock unit and engine-driven pusher fan/radiator assembly installed on a welded steel baseframe, complete with heavy-duty, compressed-rubber anti-vibration mountings.

Engine - The Cummins range comprises water-cooled, direct injection diesel engines, either naturally aspirated or turbocharged. Every engine is supplied complete with replaceable element air, oil and fuel filters, starter motor, fuel lift pump and fixed-speed governor to class A1. All L10/NT engines and above are fitted with electronic speed governing as standard.

Starting - All Cummins models have electric starting and include a heavy-duty dry-charged battery pack, battery-charging system, battery condition indicator and key switch module.

Cooling - All Cummins engines are water-cooled and are fitted with a heavy-duty tropicalised radiator suitable for operation in high ambient temperatures.

Alternator - The engine is close-coupled through flange adaptor mating surfaces to a brushless, self-exciting and self-regulating drip-proof alternator. Torsional vibration in this monoblock unit is minimised by a flexible disc coupling between the engine flywheel and the rotor. Each alternator is built in accordance with BS5000 and screen-protected with Class 'H' insulation. Under full load, regulation is maintained within the limits of at least 1.5%.

Control Panel - A fully instrumented output panel, manufactured from powder coated sheet-steel, is set-mounted over the alternator terminal box and isolated from vibration. For certain applications, remote-fixing output panels are available.

Fuel Tank - Sets up to and including the NTA855G4 have a daily-service fuel tank, complete with fill, vent, feed and return lines, and a contents gauge supplied integral with the baseframe. On larger sized sets this is an optional extra. For all sizes we can supply free-standing bulk fuel storage tanks.

Finish Cummins generating sets are sprayed overall in Deep Beige gloss enamel paint, to a heavy industrial specification, incorporating rust-inhibitors to guarantee a superior and long-lasting finish.

The baseframe is finished in Black gloss to provide a functional and attractive two-tone colour scheme.

    Testing and Quality Control  
All   equipment is fully load-tested at our factory and all control, indication and automatic functions are checked before despatch. Quality Assurance procedures at all stages of assembly and subsequent final inspection and despatch ensure that only a first-class product reaches our customers.
    Optional accessories  
Jesco can design and supply fully automatic control systems to cover mains failure, phase losses and voltage drops. THese can be combined with manual and auto parallel systems to customer specification. A full range of weather-protecting and sound-reducing canopies are available for use in noise-sensitive environments.

All sets can be customised into on- or off-road towable mobile units. This is of particular use within the construction industry, and also applicable to rural electrification and military projects.

Cummins Information
50Hz Data Sheet
50Hz Prime and Standby Ratings for the Cummins range of   generating sets.

60Hz Data Sheet
60Hz Prime and Standby Ratings for the Cummins range of   generating sets.