Generating Sets



    Sound-reducing and Acoustic Canopies

Where the genset is required to work in noise-sensitive areas, eg hospitals, film sets or residential districts, a package can be designed and manuafactured to suit the most stringent noise specifications with our stnadard range currently offering attenuation to a maximum of 75dBA at 7 metre.

Carefully designed inlet and outlet baffles/attenuators with corresponding weather louvres and bird mesh allow sufficient airflow for the set to operate even under the harshest ambient conditions whilst maintaining specified noise levels.

All canopies are baseframe mounted and made from sheet steel and lined with sound absorbing materials reatined by perforated zinc sheet. Each canopy is designed with a pitched roof, guttering and a panel viewing window. Side-opening access doors are provided either side with lockable recessed handles. Cable and fuel line gland plates can be provided to avoid the necessity to cut into the canopy.

A high efficiency residential silencer(s) is roof mounted with all internal pipework including flexible bellows already connnected.

The canopy is finished in synthetic enamel paint although a variety of finishes including epoxy two pack paint and aluminium sprayed silencers can be offered to suit individual site conditions.

    Weather Protecting Canopies  

Where noise sensitivity is not an issue but security and protection from the elements is important, we offer a range of similar canopies but without the baffles/atenuators or acoustic lining.

For small air cooled gensets we can also offer a budget range of pressed steel, drop side canopies with additional front and rear access.